Facial Electrotherapy & Body Electrotherapy Level 3 Units

Facial Electrotherapy & Body Electrotherapy Level 3 Units

VTCT Unit Codes: UB30B14, UB30B13 & UV31299
Qualification Unit Number: J/600/7562, Y/600/9090 & 600/4845/1
Duration: 10 -13 weeks (1 day per week)
Age Restriction: 18 and above
Units: 2
Level: 3
Total: £1,320 
(including tunic)

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Overview of the Course

You will develop a range of technical skills in preparing the skin, and applying beauty therapy products and electrical equipment to the skin, using a variety of different techniques. You will also develop interpersonal skills that will assist you to communicate effectively with clients.


Structure of the Course

Unit code Unit ref Unit title
UB30B14 J/600/7562 Provide facial electrical treatments
UB30B13 Y/600/9090 Provide body electrical treatments


Study Individual Units

We also offer these units individually.


Provide Facial Electrical Treatments £605
Provide Body Electrical Treatments £715